A big part of your treatment when you are dealing with hearing loss is a hearing aid fitting. After you speak to your audiologist, they will take you through some tests to determine how severe your hearing loss is before recommending a course of treatment. Should they tell you that you need hearing aids, a hearing aid fitting is the next step. It's one of the most important areas of your treatment as without correctly fitting hearing aids, you hinder your ability to hear your friends and family.

Hearing loss doesn't have to be too complicated, you just need the right treatment to be able to feel yourself once again. There is a range of hearing devices out there that could suit your needs, and your audiologist is going to work with you to find the most effective one for you. When you attend a hearing aid fitting, you will know that you have a comfortable, correct fit for your ear shape and your hearing needs. 

During your appointment, you'll be able to ask any questions that you have about taking care of your hearing aids and how they can help you. Hearing aid fittings aren't important just the first time, either. You should be having fittings as a routine appointment with your audiologist. What feels comfortable at first may not continue to feel that way, and when new hearing aid technology is released, you'll need a new device fitting session to ensure that you have the best possible auditory experience.

Below, we have some reasons you should be attending regular hearing aid fittings:

You shouldn't feel uncomfortable

Hearing loss is uncomfortable socially, but a badly fitted hearing aid is physically uncomfortable. You may need to wear your hearing aid for several hours a day and you need it to sit comfortably inside or on the outside of your ears. An audiologist will carefully fit your hearing aids for you to ensure that you have the best possible comfort, and it's ideal that you don't even feel your hearing aids while they are in. The right audiologist should be able to move the hearing aid as much as you need them to so that you don't feel it at all! Your ears will change in shape over time, and regular hearing aid fittings will ensure that you aren't dealing with bruising and discomfort due to those changes.

You'll hear better

Did you know that improperly fitted hearing aids can impact your ability to hear clearly? Hearing aids have to fit your ears to function well, and how they sit can determine the quality of what you hear. Properly fitted hearing aids will work to enhance your hearing function and they also require much less maintenance and adjustment when they fit you. If there are gaps in your hearing aid against your ear, you will find that there will be more debris and more room for clogs to happen. 

You want to have fewer exposed surfaces for moisture to access, and this will ensure that you have far fewer issues overall. Did you know that your hearing aids can produce more feedback if they don't fit properly? Excess feedback can be an irritant that you don't want while you are trying to hear the world around you. It's frustrating and it takes away from the enhanced experience you are supposed to have.

Checking the physical fit

A hearing aid fitting with your audiologist should include a physical check to ensure that your device fits inside your ear. Not only that, but your audiologist will make the correct adjustments to ensure that your device is working at its optimum level. They will monitor any changes to your hearing more often and they can keep track of your response to the way that the device works. With regular hearing aid fitting appointments, you can ensure that your hearing is well supported and you get the most of your hearing aids.

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