From the moment you first meet with an audiologist, you work together towards a hearing aid fitting. During an initial evaluation appointment, a hearing care professional will discuss everything from your options to your price points. They should also conduct a hearing test to measure the levels of sounds you can hear at each pitch. About two weeks after this initial meeting, the time will come to fit your hearing aid at last. The one thing that may worry you the most is that you have no idea what to expect at your fitting appointment.

Unknown appointments are always daunting, especially with something so out of your comfort zone. The good news is that you’ll be visiting with the audiologist you already know for this appointment and will be in the comfort of a familiar setting. Typically, you should allow up to two hours for an appointment like this. During that time, your audiologist will put you at ease, and make sure your hearing aids are right for you. 

Typically, hearing aid fittings are split into a few different sections, and we’re going to break them down for you here.


First, your audiologist will begin with an orientation regarding your new hearing aids. Before the fitting starts, they may go back over some of the essential features that you discussed during your evaluation appointment. They may also take this chance to ensure you have realistic expectations about what your hearing aids can do for you. While this varies between patients, 100% hearing gain is unlikely.

They will then fit your hearing aids for the first time, checking to ensure that the physical fit is comfortable for you. At this time, your audiologist may also play different volumes of sound to verify amplification and volume levels. Once they’ve determined these basics, they’ll use specialist software to match your hearing aid preferences to real-life situations. This will likely take the bulk of your visit.

Are there any further tests?

By this stage, the chances are that you will have had enough of various hearing tests. You can expect one during your hearing aid fitting, but it’s a relatively simple process. This is known as a real ear measure test, and it allows an audiologist to determine whether the amplification of your hearing aid is suitable for your needs. 

During this test, a thin tube attached to a microphone will be placed in your ear canal. This tube will then measure the volume of sound around your eardrum both with and without your new hearing aid. This simple process allows your audiologist to judge whether your hearing aids are the best and safest option for your hearing needs moving forward. 


The final part of your hearing aid fitting will revolve around any necessary adjustments. Depending on the results of your test, your audiologist may reprogram your hearing aids to achieve volume levels that suit your needs. Or, some simple physical adjustments may be necessary for comfortable wear. In most cases, at least some adjustments are to be expected and are really nothing to worry about.

Note, that some adjustment will be necessary on your part, especially if this is your first hearing aid fitting. Hearing aids can highlight sounds you might not be used to and can be disorienting to start with. Tell your audiologist about these issues as you notice them. They’ll be able to talk you through and help you adjust in a peaceful setting before embarking on louder environments.

Will there be any follow-up appointments?

Due to your need for a general adjustment period, your audiologist should follow your initial appointment, either with a phone check or a follow-up appointment in a few days. If all is going well, these will be five-minute chats to check-in. In some instances, appointments like these will also consist of minor adjustments that have come to light since your fitting. In the case where adjustments are necessary, you can expect your audiologist to book a further appointment to keep an eye on your progress moving forward. You should feel free to contact your audiologist with any queries which arise along the way.

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